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Our Process

1. Thinking And planing

The Micheletti Consulting team works with every client individually to successfully accomplish wired and wireless network development projects to the highest performance level.

Throughout the thinking and planning stage of project development, the Micheletti Consulting team will cover the following:

Network Requirements

Geographical Locations

Network Objectives

Network Budget

Business Size

Client Goals

Implementation Plan

Implementation Timeline

2. Designing & Develop

The Micheletti Consulting team will work to design, develop and implement Wi-Fi networks, data center projects, multi-tenant building telecommunications and point-to-point connectivity to the Internet or between buildings. Our expert team will manage your small office, entire building or data center projects from planning to testing to turn-up.

Our expert team offers over 18 years of industry experience related specifically to deploying Wi-Fi and fixed wireless solutions from small businesses to large arenas and stadiums.

Throughout the designing and development process, every aspect of the network configuration is investigated, planned and developed to the highest industry standards.

3. Help & Support

The Micheletti Consulting team is supported by a state-of-the-art, U.S based customer service platform. Every Micheletti Consulting client has access to this outstanding resource to receive answers to any questions that may arise when you need it most.